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Sunday, February 08, 2009

SPX500: 2002/2003 vs 2008/2009


Anonymous said...

do you waive the possibility of revisiting the lows for this index ?

Anonymous said...

A breach of the Nov 2008 lows is in fact what the general consensus is anticipating in terms of a final fifth wave decline:

Anonymous said...

SPX have very serious troubles with SMA-50 line while tech´s are slightly more bullish.

For example QQQQ travelling far ahead from SMA-50 line, it seems going to take some room to fall from higher ;).

I think we´re inside of impulses allready, if and when last safety resort as .618 breakes (SPX800-820) we could go but certainly these IV waves are not very pleasant to try to count them correctly - there´s allways alternate exist. US bonds is next and last bubble going to explode.

Btw. Steve, your Exxon chart rocks, top work, makes me wonder a bit how much it´s actually going to fall at some day.


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