Technical Analysis of Financial Markets

Sunday, July 05, 2009



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Steve and wellcome back. I hope you shooted this one of any other yen cross.

I missed the train, took that A wave down pretty much, but at some stage entered for too small waves trading and forget that we´re inside of C wave.

Well, it was one day issue only, but very lofty pips today would come for any shortside to bet yen get stronger.


Anonymous said...

Reckon that GBP/JPY could be primed for additional short positions at 15250; -possibly completing an immediate wave 4.

Mika said...

147,00 at so far for Gbp-Jpy as 38.2%.

50% or 61.8% sounds like more decent target even it would be only abc correction.

Propably some more yen strengh upcming somewhere behind the corner. Year ago july was actually very boring months - I wonder if this year would do more actionary waves.